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Dabur Keora Water

Dabur Keora Water is from superior quality Keora and is used as flavouring agent in Biryanis, sumptous desserts- Rasgullas, Ras Malai, Sherbet and is a perfect accompaniment to cooking. Dabur Keora water can be used both in sweet and savory dishes as per desired taste and flavour. An inspiration for all the aspiriing cooks who like to try cooking flavoursome dishes at home- be it biryanis, desserts, lassi etc. For Biryani, just add a few drops sprinkled before the final cooking step Similarly for Meat dishes with gravy, like Qorma, Qalia etc. Typically a few drops are added to the milk that has been thickened for making kulfi (Indian icecream, if you will) and rabri

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