Ethnic Grocery Store at Edmonton

Ethnic Grocery Store at Edmonton

Shop the finest ethnic Indian grocery from Spicecentre, situated in the heart of downtown Edmonton. It bills itself as an Indian super store. Indeed, it has all that perishable and non-perishable groceries and the products here hail from all the way from India. Though beverages, canned foods and drinks, grains, cereals, spices and powders, spreads and other pantry foods are in plentiful, this store also proffers dairy products, such as sheep’s milk cheese, bologna, salami and soujouk. There are many choices for the Indian delight such as coffees, spices, oils, olives, honey, ready to serve meals and desserts, chocolate, and cookies are also in the mix. Non-edibles include movies, music and soaps.

Here you can have all the Indian ethnic cooking ingredients, tamarind, kaffir leaves, smoked paprika, chutneys, rice, pasta, organic spices, spice blends, seasonings, sauces, ghee, meals, rice, beans, lentils, pomegranate sauce, vinegar, wine, curry leaves, kaffir leaves, pickles, dal, vegetable and meat seasonings, ready-to-eat snacks, prepared meals, and other sides and dishes.

Here not you will find spices from all the regions of India…but that not enough because here you can have spices and foods from continents like Africa, Asia Europe and America. You can even shop for some other favorite foods and flavors such as Chinese, Thai, Mexican, American, Middle Eastern, Jamaican, Sri Lankan and many more.

The best part is that you can get all the variety here on net as well. It corners the market with its world’s largest assortment of gourmand, forte, global, especially Indian salts and spices for any occasion. We invoke that hidden chef in you to explore your creativity.

This is the place you would have ever dreamt about finding everything at a store making it a real one-stop shop. Spicecentre provides everything, which bangs for the product. There are aisles of spices, mixes, sugars, and sauces that you can find while entering in the store. It is simply the most unparalleled spice shop that, you can ever imagine.