Fetch The Whiff of Jamaica

Fetch The Whiff of Jamaica

Two decades back in Canada, it was next to impossible to find Jamaican groceries and spices. Nevertheless, with spicecentre, your inconvenience for collecting for Jamaican grocery and food has ended up as we have brought you your regional flavors, aromas and Jamaican spices by introducing Jamaican food store, Edmonton, making it a one-stop shop for Jamaican grocery.

Spicecentre is the largest Jamaican grocery store in Edmonton, providing you the largest collection of Jamaican grocery. We supply a wide variety of flavorful jerk spices and sauces, ginger beer, seasoning, ackee, callaloo, teas, fruit drinks, ting (imported grapefruit soda), coconut water, Jamaican blue mountain coffee…to name a few.

Jamaica is well known for it sun soaked islands, turquoise-blue waters, lush green forests and white sandy beaches. It is also popular for its cuisines and flavors of spices, coconut, guava, cassava, apples, breadfruit, yams, peppers, mangoes, passion fruit, limes, papayas and these all important Jamaican components make this island all the more delightful.

Native to West Africa, ackee is the main cuisine of Jamaica, reckoning as the national fruit of Jamaica. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica. The soft flesh is made with the help of fresh herbs, onions, tomato and is served with salted cod. Ackee & Salt Fish is the Jamaican national dish. Another Jamaican cookery treasure is its jerk, but to cook it however requires many Jamaican spices and because of unavailability of these spices, Jamaican people were left with their craving for Jamaican food. We even provide Jamaican jerk basket, pepper basket and an Ocho Rios seasoning basket, as these baskets will help you in cooking Jamaican food and having the real taste of Jamaica traditional food.

To end your year’s cravings…you just need to step in Spicecentre sore, as it will meet up with all your Jamaican food requirements.