Indian spice store at Edmonton

Indian Spice Store at Edmonton

Spicecentre is undoubtedly the best ethnic Indian grocery store in Edmonton amid the best ethnic grocery stores in the region. As the name suggests, we sell spices! A lot of spices – actually all the spices. Just name it and you will have it.

We at Edmonton, sell all the Indian spices. Here, you will get home-roasted spices and flavors. You can find here the blends of ethnic spices such as cardamom, cumin, coriander, cloves and cinnamon. At Spicecentre, we have cornucopia of ethnic Indian spices placed on the aisles I the store.

We keep all the expected grocery dedicated to list of items specific to Indian cuisine such as pickled ginger, beans, rice, flour, beverages, spices, limes, mangos, apples and various other fruits, chutneys, savory snacks, papad and sweets…to name a few. Then, we have the ultimate satiating after meal with an incredible variety of colors and tastes.

It is particularly good for Indian spices, which is known as the hub of mixture of several dry ingredients. Here you can have all those Indian tastes with our classic spice powders like garam masala, channa masala, tandoori chicken powders et, directly imported from India. Most importantly, here you will find packets of all sizes for spices, which gains its popularity by serving customers according to their convenience.

Not just this, we also keep DVDs, jewelry, religious items, body and hair care products, bindis and other beauty products, books, magazines, appliances, utensils, and holiday items. We have every item that covers the tag of routine usage item, associated to the Indian culture.