In The News

“Variety is the life of spice merchant. Vast selection lines walls of Indo-Canadian store”
For 19 years, Amrit Bindra has been a purveyor of Indian spices in Edmonton. From the aromatic interior of his shop on 34th Avenue, the Spice Centre, Bindra introduces the newbie to Indian spices, and provides an enormous range of options for those who know this style of cooking inside-out. The walls are festooned with bright, celebratory streamers. Indian jewelry, household cooking and decorating accessories are in every corner, Indian music circular and hypnotic, fills the background. But the highlight of the store is Bindra's vast selection of spices. Mace, green cardamom, black cardamom, cumin, cloves, star anise and garam masala packaged as powders in bags as small as 100 grams, or whole spice seeds for those who prefer to grind their own….

“Tastes and textures of faraway places just around the corner”
Every city has something special that sets it apart. Vancouver has the ocean. Calgary, on a clear day, has a mountain view. In Edmonton, we have 60 different ethnic groups. Each summer we celebrate their presence with the Heritage Festival, which has grown wildly successful as it approaches the quarter-century mark. Several identifiable areas in Edmonton reflect an ethnic population. They're small; usually a block or two of shops, restaurants and cultural centres, sometimes less than that. However big or small, they add vitality to this northern town. Little Italy, Little India, Chinatown, which runs into little Vietnam. Smaller ethnic pockets also exit-a cluster of German shops and restaurants in the Whyte avenue area the smaller French quarter in bonnie doon, a tiny Portuguese area along 118th Avenue and a few Greek businesses on 124th Street. A few Latino shops and clubs, though too scattered to be a definable neighbourhood, are important to the mix. The Caribbean, African and middle eastern, Korean and Japanese communities also have a few shops and cafes scattered through different neighbourhoods….

“On the trail of silks and spices”
When you live in a region dominated by the largest mall in North America and ringed by suburban power centres, you really have to think outside the big box to find quirky, interesting neighbourhood in which to shop. That's where we come in every second week in Style, we've been introducing you to a fun, unexpected or offbeat shopping area that you might never have noticed, or at least, never fully appreciated. It might be just a couple of blocks or a bigger hood with a bunch of worthwhile stops. No matter, you can shop browse, snack or just stroll around. We'll walk you through it. Mill Woods isn't the first neighbourhood that comes to mind when one think of shopping, and those who have been to the area's lone indoor mall will know why. But this series isn't about shopping malls; it's about finding the hot local spots where those in the know go, and in Mill Woods, there's no hotter spot than Little India. Most of the shopping is concentrated in there plazas along 34th Avenue-- two on the north side at 93rd Street, and one directly across on the south side of 34th Avenue….