East Indian grocery store at Edmonton

Indian cuisine incorporates a huge variety of regional cuisines indigenous to India. Known to the variety of soils, climate and occupations, the cuisines in India vary significantly from each other because of the usage of available local spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Again, Indian food is enormously influenced by spiritual and cultural choices. East Indian cuisine is a fraction of Indian cuisines. This cuisine is popularly known for its simplicity, its way of cooking and seasoning.

The popular items that cover East Indian cuisine are roti, doubles, saheena, katchowrie, barah, anchar, pholourie and especially with curries. Other popular east Indian cuisines are Rassogolla, Sondesh, Begun Bhaja, Machcher Jhol, Doi Machch (Sea Food), Poda Pitha, Semolina, Kakara, Chhena Jilabi, Bihari Litti, Thekua (Dessert), Mitha Khaja (Dessert), Kala-Chana Ghoomni, Sattu, Besan (Gatte) ki Sabzi, Motichoor Ladoo, Til Barfi, Cookies, Chum-Chum. Moreover, here in Canada, it is even out of the question to find or even to make these regional dishes. Nevertheless, Spicecentre, East Indian grocery store at Edmonton, has brought you the idea of making and relishing those East Indian flavors at your home itself.

We have every bit of that East Indian spice that you may require to make your regional foods and flavors such as cardamom, organic pepper, turmeric, ginger and dried ginger, chilly and red chilly, blended spices, whole spices, powdered spices, black pepper, cardamom, mustard seeds, coriander soya bean, tamarind, turmeric powder, powder, curry powder and sesame seeds. Others are turmeric finger, Indian turmeric powder, grounded red chilli, hot chilli powder, spice chilli powder, chillies, bird's eye, pepper, white, pepper, green, chillies, green (hari mirch), cumin (jeera) and Clove. With all these available spices, bring out the chef from your inside which hid itself because of change in environment and availability. Most importantly, at Spicecentre, you will get these aromatic East Indian spices, freshly packed.